ROAD WEIGHT LIMITS Lifted - April 2, 2018

All road weight limits in the Town of Waukesha are posted starting March 7, 2018.
 Temporary spring weight limits have been lifted starting April 2, 2018
The following roads have been posted as of March 7, 2018. Watch the web site for the date the limits are removed.
8 Ton
Anoka, Arlo at Guthrie
Beeheim from Guthrie to New Berlin
Big Bend Rd from Hwy 59 to Townline Rd
Brookhill at Hwy 59
Burnell Dr at Sunset
Deer Crossing
Crestview at Guthrie
Glendale from 164 to Oakdale
Glengarry Rd to New Berlin Limit
Green Lane from Merrill Hills to Sunset
Kame Terrace at Merrill Hills Rd
Marlene at Wern Way
Mill Creek Trail at Hwy I
Moyer Way at Milky Way
Oak Knoll at Hwy 59
Partridge at Guthrie
Rolling Oaks Ter at Guthrie
Townline Rd from 164 to Oakdale
5 Ton
Green Country
Townline Rd from Hwy 59 to D
No Trucking
Pheasant Run
Sun Valley Trail
Merrill Hills from Sunset to Hwy 59
Center Rd from Sunset to Hwy 59
Milky Way from Town Limit to Hwy I